Zodiacyway Elements Services

Chart analysis and interpretation based on 5 decades of study and experience in astrology 

and related metaphysical systems of knowledge, 

focused on your priorities.

• Natal Charts

• Annual Solar Returns

• Transits, Progressions, Planetary Returns

• Composite, Relationship & Event Charts

Consultation options

• Private consultations

• Couples   • Families

• Business Partnerships

Gift Certificates 

A special gift for yourself or someone you love.

Gift Certificates and/or Personalized Gift Tapes

are available for all services listed above.

Lectures and Workshops 

Available for groups by special arrangement integrating such topics as

Personal Rhythms: Transformation in Seasonal Transits…

Sacred Geometry in Astrology…

Creating Extraordinary Reality: Symbol & Archetype as a Visionary Guide to Life…

and more.

• • •

Diane A. Curran consults private for clients on using astrology to empower choice in life, business and relationships. She wrote a monthly astrology column for several years in a major Los Angeles metaphysical magazine. She hosted, produced and webcast one of the first weekly internet astrology programs in the 1990s while also lecturing nationally on astrology and visionary symbolism at numerous self development expos.