Diane A. Curran speaking on Intuitive Astrology…

“Astrology offers a deeply creative language of symbols. Its strong foundations in ancient traditions of visionary art and metaphysics combine powerfully with modern tools and techniques. My purpose is to reveal the empowering energies in each chart’s unique patterns and aspects, supporting awareness and expanding options.

Through Astrology, we explore your Energetic DNA.

Think of your body’s cellular diversity, and the many signals and switches it uses each day. Astrology’s messages move us out into that larger world beyond our bodies where we encounter, and respond, to the power of humanity’s collective expectations every day. Maintaining a healthy, fulfilling mindset on that journey can seem difficult— or dynamic—depending on our sense of personal possibility. Discovering ways to expand native talents and develop new skills to use in the world is one of the most enjoyable ways to use Astrology for true personal empowerment— your chart is a customized map of the road you travel to create life.”


Diane A. Curran consults private for clients on using astrology to empower choice in life, business and relationships. She wrote a monthly astrology column for several years in a major Los Angeles metaphysical magazine. She hosted, produced and webcast one of the first weekly internet astrology programs in the 1990s while also lecturing nationally on astrology and visionary symbolism at numerous self development expos.