Who benefits from Astrology?

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Astrology offers a way to leap with intuitive precision. It is far less about prediction of outcomes and much more about using the natural ebb and flow of complex life force rhythms, a natural inner guidance system. When practiced skillfully and with clarity, Astrology readies us for new or unexpected experiences in life.

Astrology provides a roadmap – or Rosetta stone – offering direction and clues to powerful intangibles we sense impacting us far more deeply than the distracting daily details we’re caught up in.

Who can benefit? You!

In the larger world, beyond our immediate senses, we encounter and respond to the power of humanity’s collective thoughts and expectations.

Maintaining a healthy, choice-centered mindset on our daily trek can seem difficult or dynamic, depending on our sense of personal possibility.

Discovering how to expand native talents and develop new life skills is one of the most satisfying ways to use Astrology, for true personal empowerment.

We each want to explore or fulfill out potential. Astrology offers a roadmap, and on Zodiacway, we provide that keys to choosing a future that resonates with your dreams and intentions.

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Diane A. Curran consults private for clients on using astrology to empower choice in life, business and relationships. She wrote a monthly astrology column for several years in a major Los Angeles metaphysical magazine. She hosted, produced and webcast one of the first weekly internet astrology programs in the 1990s while also lecturing nationally on astrology and visionary symbolism at numerous self development expos.